Murias Group

A solid group with QUALITY and VALU

Its head office is located in San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa), also has branch offices in Bilbao, Madrid and Hendaya (France). Its field of activity is mainly that formed by the Basque Autonomous Community, Navarra Community and the community of Madrid, with a growing projection in the national level and a great interest to fit into the international.

Murias Group is a great team of companies with great professionals in all fields, which makes it possible to have such a solid business skeleton.

It is a group formed by more than 25 companies, with activities in various fields, among which are Commercial Parks, Parkings, Promoter, San Sebastian Bus Station, Residences for the elderly, Basque Cycling Team (Basque Country - Murias), ...

We are a group that capable to develop global projects, to build everything that you imagine and to take shape to everything that you propose us. Our values are: quality, creativity and differentiation.

Murias Grupo always takes a risk to be able to improve joining into new projects / challenges