We pursue the leadership of the construction sector. We seek to create a sustainable relationship with our clients.

We seek business success, managing our resources to create value, and guarantee the highest quality.



To be a reference for local and national in all our sector.

We commit to the progress, introducing ourselves like this in new international markets.


Innovation and quality

We look for the new I+D+I

In Murias Group, we try to evolve continuously. In each object, we take a risk seeking new and better methods of investigation, Development and Innovation.

That is why we are looking for a positive impact on the Technical and Technological advance, in order to improve processes and quality.


 Obtained certificates "CONSTRUCTIONS MURIAS":

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  • New Constructive Methodology For The Execution Of Wall Of Armed Land With Granular Filler.

  •  "JETMUR2013" - Study and Definition of New Methods Of Foundation Work For Land Stability on Critical Infrastructures.

  • New Methods Of Demolition In Urban Environments (Electronic Detonators).

  • Investigation And Definition Of New Demolition Methods In Urban Environments.

  • New Method Of Screen Auscultation And Construction On-line.
    Certificates For Two Constructions: Shopping Center Palmera- Montero (Irún) And Intermodal Bus Station (San Sebastián).


DOWNLOAD Policy of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health


Global Management

Our systematic concept simplifies in analyzing "globally" and acting "locally", that is, act internally starting from a global vision. Although the activities we do are different, we act in order to achieve the overall benefit by working together.

Our global management makes our internal management go right to meet our objectives with the strategies proposed annually.

In Murias Group, we can develop and manage your project. Be MANAGERS AND DEVELOP GLOBAL PROJECT is one of our main objectives.



We are a group of companies that adapts to new things, looking for creative solutions, based on our values and assuming responsibilities to manage global projects of developments to measure.

Our main objective is to adapt to the change of the external, internal and direct environment. (as our public objective). The process of change faces with the differentiation, quality and with our values.
"We adapt to change, we are AD-HOC"