Shopping Center Las Cañas

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Las Cañas Commercial Park, you will find a half of surfaces are on sale, and with the best quality. Since its inception, this Shopping Center has been constantly reinvented to improve its offer, unique in the sector in the area with low cost operators. This is one of the achievements made since its opening without forgetting that it also offers a wide range of entertainment such as Las Cañas 3D Cinemas, with prices lower than its competitors; In addition, it has also a Leisure area where you can enjoy a magnificent American bowling with more than 20 lanes available, a playground, many of caterings and free playroom for every weekend.

The Park is located in the municipality of Viana (Navarra), next to Logroño city. The access is magnificent, since it concentrates in the only roundabout under the NA-134, and that you will find the rates of the car park in surface of the commercial complex;a roundabout that allows a fast and agile access, without interfering in the circulation.

A family shopping center to save money by shopping since shops spread over more than 50,000 m2, that they are leaders in price and to enjoy the comfort of being seated in the only floor with more than 3,000 parking spaces.

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